Cliquidity Frequently Asked Questions

Signing Up/ Logging In

How do I sign up on Cliquidity?

  • Go to
  • Click on "SIGN UP".
  • Select to either "Sign Up with Facebook", "Sign Up with Twitter" or "Sign Up Privately".
  • If you selected to "Sign Up with Facebook" or "Sign Up with Twitter": please accept the requested permissions.
  • If you selected to "Sign Up Privately": please provide your alias, name and surname, email address and password.
  • A verification email will be sent to the email address you have provided. Click on the link provided in the email to verify your account and start using Cliquidity.

What should I do if I have not received my verification email?

  • Make sure you have checked your spam folder.
  • If the email is not in your spam folder, you may request that we resend the email.
  • Still nothing? Please feel free to contact us.

How do I log in on Cliquidity?

  • Once you have signed up, you can log in to Cliquidity.
  • Go to
  • Click on "LOG IN".
  • Select to either "Log in with Facebook", "Log in with Twitter" or "Log in Privately".
  • If you selected to "Log In with Facebook" or "Log In with Twitter": you will be automatically logged in based on the permissions you previously allowed.
  • If you selected to "Log In Privately": please provide your email address and password.
  • Please select "Keep me logged in" if you do not wish to log in each time you access Cliquidity.

What can I do if I forgot my password?

  • If your attempt to log in failed because you have forgotten your password, please click on the "I forgot my password" button in the "LOG IN" screen.
  • You will be requested to enter your email address.
  • An email will be sent to your email address with a link to reset your password.
  • Click on the "click here" link contained in the reset email or copy and paste the link provided in the reset email.
  • You will receive an email containing your new password. You should use this password to log into Cliquidity.
  • We recommend that you change your password once you have logged in.

My Log In Details

How do I change/ update my log in details?

  • Once you have logged in, click on your user tab (your name in the top right hand corner of the home page) and then select "My Preferences".
  • From here you can change your first name, your surname, your alias, your email address, your password and your location.

Will anyone be able to see my real name and surname?

  • No, your name and surname remain anonymous until you accept/ send an Introduction.
  • If you accept/ send an Introduction: your name, surname and email address will be sent to the other user who may then contact you via email.

What is an alias and why do I have to have one?

  • Your alias is your username and is displayed along with your Cliquidity ID whenever you appear in search results.
  • Having an alias means you can remain anonymous until you are ready to connect with other Cliquidity users using Introductions.

When do you use my location?

  • You can enter your location up to a suburb-level. We do not allow users to enter their exact location to prevent the misuse of such information.
  • By disclosing your location, you will appear in location-specific searches.
  • We will also recommend interesting people in your area based on your location.


What can I Search for?

  • By clicking on SEARCH you can find people with specific personality traits in your area.
  • Search for a potential life partner by specifying gender, age, appearance, family or language preferences.
  • Search for a potential business partner or employee by specifying educational requirements, work experience and work/ life balance.
  • Search for a potential hobby partner who shares your interests in sports and other hobbies.

Do I have to specify biographical information in my search criteria?

No, you may choose to leave the biographicals section blank when performing a search.

Do I have to specify personality information in my search criteria?

  • Yes, you have to select at least four personality attributes that you either want the person to be or that you do not want them to be.
  • You can even refine the search more by drilling down into the sub-attributes by clicking on "More" once the main attribute has been selected.

Do I have to specify location information in my search criteria?

By deselecting "Search using Location" in the Location tab of the Search, Cliquidity will search and list all results from our database.


Why should I Explore my network?

By linking your existing social networks to Cliquidity you can find friends (and even friends of friends) that you cliq with. You can also explore connections your existing Cliquidity friends have and view more information about Interesting People in your area.

What are Interesting People?

Interesting people are Cliquidity members in your area whose personality attributes match yours - i.e. these are people in your area you may cliq with.

Why should I link my Facebook and/ or Twitter accounts with Cliquidity?

If you link your Facebook and/ or Twitter account with Cliquidity you can:

  • Invite friend: If your Facebook and/ or Twitter friend has not yet joined Cliquidity, invite them to join by using the Cliquidity app.
  • View Details and Match Report: Once your friend has joined Cliquidity and completed their Personality Assessment you can view their details (a summary of their profile) or view a detailed Match Report to see if or why you cliq.
  • Introduce Me: If you discover a Facebook and/ or Twitter friend that you cliq with and want to connect with them outside the social network context, you can request that Cliquidity Introduces you.
  • View Friends: Once your friend has joined Cliquidity, you can view their Facebook and/ or Twitter friends. And if these friends of friends have joined Cliquidity you can use all of the above-mentioned functions with them too - a great way to discover people you cliq with.

What can I do if I have linked my Facebook and/ or Twitter account but cannot access "Match Reports", request an "Introduction" or view their friends?

  • Your friends have not joined Cliquidity - invite individual friends by clicking on their dot in the network explorer.
  • Too many friends and cannot find the dot you are looking for? Expand the "Tools" menu on the left of the network explorer and search for them by typing their name in the "Find by name" box.
  • Want to invite lots of friends? Click on the "Invite more friends" button at the bottom of the network explorer and invite them using our Facebook app.
  • Just want to tell friends about Cliquidity and not invite them? Click on the "Tell your friends" button at the bottom of the network explorer to post a link to your Newsfeed on Facebook or click on "Tweet" to tweet Cliquidity's link on Twitter.

How can I only view people who have joined Cliquidity?

  • Expand the "Tools" menu by clicking on the "Tools" button in the top left hand corner of the network explorer.
  • From here you can either select or deselect "People with Cliquidity".

What is a "secondary connection" and why would I want to show these?

  • Primary connections are people connected directly to you and (once you view a friend's friends) primary connections are people connected directly to your friends.
  • Secondary connections in turn show how your friends are connected to your friends and their friends.
  • Being able to see shared connections may make it much easier to connect with people you discover using the network explorer and will not feel like a completely random Introduction.

Match Reports

How is matching scored?

  • Cliquidity Match Reports look at both the compatibility of biographical and personality information in order to determine an overall match score.
  • In addition, the Match Report will identify those personality dimensions that are particularly well suited and those that may cause conflict.

What information is disclosed in the Match Report?

In addition to overall match score as described above and the lists of well suited personality dimensions and personality dimensions that may cause conflict, the Match Report shows:

  • A comparison of attributes, which summarises your personality and the potential match's personality in terms of the six self-descriptors selected whilst completing the Personality Assessment.
  • A comparison of biographical data (assuming the visibility of the data was not restricted using the privacy settings).


What if I do not want to be contacted for Introductions?

  • You can opt out of all introduction requests by selecting "My Preferences" from your user tab (your name in the top right hand corner of the home page).
  • From here you can manage your privacy settings and either select or deselect the "I don't want to be contacted by anyone for an introduction" option.

What happens once I accept an Introduction?

  • If you accept an Introduction request, the person who requested the Introduction will receive an email with your name, surname and email address.
  • It is now up to him/ her to contact you.

General Assessments

Do I have to complete the Personality and/ or Motivation Assessment?

In order to use the "Search" and "Explore" functionality you need to complete the Personality Assessment. The Motivation Assessment is optional.

Do I have to do the Assessments in a specific order?

No, as mentioned above, you need to complete the Personality Assessment in order to use certain functionality. But if you are strictly interested in your Assessment Results then you may choose to complete the Motivation Assessment before the Personality Assessment.

Can I do the Assessments more than once?

Yes, you may do the Assessments as many times as you wish - since the results are situational and may change based on your circumstances, doing the test again may not yield the same results.

What if I do not want to disclose all my biographical information?

Each biographical information question has the option to opt out of disclosing by selecting "Not Important". Please note that this may reduce the frequency with which you appear in Search results.

An alternative to opting out as described above, is to manage your privacy settings by selecting "My Preferences" from your user tab (your name in the top right of the home page). Managing your privacy settings allows you to limit the visibility of your age, your location, your gender and your highest level of education - i.e. the biographical fields that appear in the Search Details pop up.

What is the Personality Assessment?

Please refer to About: Personality Assessment

What is the Motivation Assessment?

Please refer to About: Motivation Assessment

What is the Cliquidity Adaptive Reasoning Assessment?

Please refer to About: Cliquidity Adaptive Reasoning Assessment

What is the Vocational Interests Assessment?

Please refer to About: Vocational Interests Assessment

Assessment Results

Can I share my results with others?

  • Yes, your Assessment Results are yours to do with as you please. Once you have downloaded your reports you can feel free to distribute it to anyone.
  • Please note however that Cliquidity will not be responsible for the accuracy or completeness of reports not received directly from our website.

Where can I find my Assessment Results?

  • Once you have completed an assessment you can immediately download your Assessment Report.
  • If you forget to save this report, you can locate your Assessment Results and download them again by selecting "My Assessment Results" from your user tab (your name in the top right hand corner of the home page).
  • From here you can select which Assessment Report you wish to download.